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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:52 pm

Here Come The Rules !

I'll make it as painless as possible.

I know, I know. Rules aren’t cool. But they’re necessary. So I’ll make this as painless as possible mmkay? Good.

First of all, by joining, you agree that you have read these rules and will follow them.

But just so you know, if you don't follow them, we'll send Bellatrix, Tom Riddle, Fenrir Greyback and a dozen inferi after you.

Mmkay? Good.

Limits? There are no limits here. We welcome character whores (I myself am a recovering whore.) We only ask that you only create what you can handle. Able to handle only 3? That’s cool. Create three. Able to handle 10? More power to you. Create 10. If we find that characters start to slip, we will delete them. Also, no hogging the cannons. A general rule of thumb, for every cannon, you should have an original.

Also, since most people seem to like playing girls, we ask that for every two girls you play, create a guy.

We will have monthly activity checks. We recommend that you get on at least once a week. That shouldn’t be too hard to manage. If you are going to be MIA for a while, make sure you make a note in the hiatus board. And when you get back, make a reply in there so we know we can delete it.

Keep ALL RP’s active. There’s nothing I hate more than having to wait a week to get a response.

No muse? That’s a tired excuse. Just write through it. It will come back.

Be realistic. Do you think Hogwarts is going to have 15+ Emo/Scene/Over Pierced/Over Tattooed Characters? Probably not. Also, you must use a celeb claim. You CANNOT use pictures of yourself. And you CANNOT use a celeb that you haven’t registered.

Keep true to the cannons. Most likely, any Weasley kid will have red hair. Harry’s kids may have black, Hermione’s, Brown. Malfoy’s, Blonde.

Register with a real name. That means Abbi Nicole Adams NOT abbinicoleadams or abberz1553. We admins don’t like having to go through and change names. Also, don’t register an original with a cannon’s last name. So Anna Marie Potter? It's a no go.

Limit your siggy size. You might notice our character limit is larger than many sites. Guess what? Half of that is for Admin use.

All Characters must have a signature. Signatures let us see the character we are rping with. Can’t make graphics? There are plenty of places to get graphics. Caution, RPG-U, we even have some threads in the Graphics board.

No porn in the siggy. That should be obvious.

Keep animations to a minimum.


This board is rated PG-13. Going to have excessive swearing or lots of physical contact? Put MATURE in the thread title.

Time for a quote:

Quote :
"swearing is allowed but don't make it a second language. since Rosetta stone doesn't offer it, I don't consider it a language, kay? "

No fighting OOC. This WILL result in an instant ban. Drama is for the role-plays.

All characters have flaws. No character is impossibly beautiful, all powerful and invincible. NO ONE on here is immortal. We do NOT want a bunch of Mary Sues or Gary Stu’s running around. Be original people. Mmkay?

You are NOT allowed to God Mode without the other characters permission. Giving permission? Make sure you post that OOC in the boards. ((God Mode Allowed)) simple right?

God Moding includes saying whether or not a spell will hit.

Post at least 100 words in an RP. We also follow the Reciprocation rule. I don’t know who said it, but they had the right idea:

Quote :
"if someone spends two hours writing a 1700 word response, don't reply with one paragraph with no dialogue. now this does pose a problem with open threads. the simple answer? make it medium length. for an open post do something along the lines of 100 words. not too long, not to short. then if you want to lengthen it or shorten it you have a nice starter. problem solved."

All RP posts must be in third person.

Keep Out Of Character chat to a minimum.

Having an issue with another player? First, always try to talk to that person. If that doesn’t work, then talk to a mod. Having a problem with a mod? Talk to an admin. Is an admin your problem? Talk to the owner. Issue with the owner? Well, then you’re pretty much screwed.

Admins and mods do talk so don’t think you’ll be able to make up crap. If you really having a problem, save all pms and threads. Screenshots are your friend.

Ads are allowed but ONLY in specified boards. No ads in your siggy please.

Everyone deserves respect. I don’t care if you’re Miley Cyrus or Sarah Palin or Tom Green or Brad Pitt. EVERYONE deserves respect. Yes, everyone. Admins, Mods, even newbies. Disrespect the admins? That’s a sure way to get a ticket out of here. Disrespect others? BANNED.

That’s what the show off board is for. End of discussion.

No. Don’t do it. Don’t even THINK about doing it. Because we WILL hunt you down. Site content is copyright to the owner unless otherwise specified. Individual posts are copyright their poster. Graphics, copyright the creator.

Big no-no. We have OOC boards for a reason.

See that little thing in the top right corner of your post. It’s called an edit button. Use it.

Double posting does not count if you have more than one character. However, you must log out of one and into the other.

Warnings will NOT be given for any of the following behavior:
-Racism (OOC)
-Sexism (OOC)
-Disrespect (OOC)
-Threats (OOC)
-Lying To The Admins

Don’t argue with Admins. Their decision is final

No advertising in the CBOX. Chat speak is allowed.

-Serious Injury (Coma, full body casts, etc.)
-Abilities (any power we offer and others as we don’t)
-Races (Vampire, Veela)

Always. We credit. You should too.

Want to use them use them

We go by the three strikes rule. Except in cases an instant ban is invoked.

Permission from EVERYONE you will be related to. So you want to play Rex Weasley? You’ll need permission from Ginny, Ron, Rose, Hugo, Hermione, Harry, Percy, Molly, Bill, Charlie.. Need I say more?

Yeah. They’re unforgivable here too. Also, only Death Eaters would be using those. No student would. And Imperious curse must be cleared for use by the person you are using it on.

No apparition on Hogwarts grounds except during apparition class.

Keep them to yourself.

Will be given. Prefects and Head boy/girl are allowed to give them. If you get one, you MUST RP it.

So. You made it through the rules. Congrats.

They look really scary, but it's for YOUR benefit.

Your Admins and Mods

CREDIT: Sharkgirl and Lavaboy (formerly "Adorkably Yours", "STRANGER DANGER ?!", "SpencerAtwood" and "Loony SLASH Kayla SLASH Spencer") of CAUTION 2.0
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Site Rules
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