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 Link Snape

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Link Snape

Year : Graduated Posts : 37
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PostSubject: Link Snape   Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:41 pm

Link Snape

The General Character
Name: Link Miles Snape
Face Claim:: Andy Sixx
Age: 21
Job: Potions Professor/ Head of Slytherin House
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Wand: Dementor's Heartstring, Pine, 15 inches, Bendy
Blood Status: Pure

The Look
Hair: Black, Hangs in face typically
Eyes: ice blue
Unique Features: Multiple tattoos and piercings
Dressing Style: When not in uniform, dresses like a grunge punk rocker
General Beauty Details: He has jet black hair that generaly hangs in his face. He is handsome, yet his ice blue eyes are usually bloodshot from the overusage of pot. He is usually dressed in grunge clothes, yet wears them well.

The Personality

Likes: Drinking, Smoking, Partying
Dislikes: Goody Goodies, Bitches, Pricks
Strengths: Potions, Being Awesome, Avoiding Hangovers, Not looking high..when he really REALLy is, Singing
Weaknesses: can be emotional, really lonely, can be really mean, is a really heavy drinker and smoker, Kids in danger
Fears: Dieing, Being alone
Secrets: is in LOVE with Headmaster Krum
Goals: To get Headmaster Krum to love him back
Personality Link is a man who loves to party and have a good time. He is a funny drunk, and is also funny when high. he is usualy sober when at the school. He will spend his weekends partying. His love of the headmaster is one of the only things the young man takes seriously.

He takes after his father when it comes to potions. Sometimes he can be found talking to his fathers ghost thats floating around hogwarts. He really idolized his father, and hopes to one day follow in his fottsteps

Family & Background
Father: Severus Snape
Mother: unknown
Siblings: optional
Other Important people: optional
Pets: . Name: Shadow/Species: Black Cat/Age: 2/Status: Living
Possessions: His fathers wand
History: Links mother walked out on he and his father when link was only a baby. Link was about four when his father was killed by the dark lord voldemort. He was placed in slytherin house, just as his father was before him. He was quite the good slyhterin as well.

When link grew up, he became the potions master and head of slytherin, just like his dad. He idolized his father. He has sort of an off/on flirting session with the headmaster, and really hopes it will turn into something more. He is honestly quite lonely being all by himself
Roleplay Sample: [spoiler]Link Walked nonchalantly into the tattoo parlor. This would be his 12th tattoo. A big milestone for someone like him. He had 7 piercings, maybe would make it 8 later. It all depended on where the day took him. Sitting himself in the waiting room he skimmed through some selections and trying to decide on one. It was very hard. So many choices, so little patience.

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Cecilia Krum

Year : Third Year Posts : 38
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PostSubject: Re: Link Snape   Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:19 am

Hey Drew,
i need more in beauty for you too, about a paragraph please. and Cecilia isn't the headmistress she is a student i'm thinking of making an origianl character for the headmisstress.
as soon as thats fixed i'll move this.
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Cecilia Krum

Year : Third Year Posts : 38
Join date : 2012-07-22
Location : Bulgaria

PostSubject: Re: Link Snape   Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:12 am

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PostSubject: Re: Link Snape   

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Link Snape
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