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 Gander, Karliee Marlene

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Karliee Gander


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PostSubject: Gander, Karliee Marlene   Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:28 am

Karlee Marlene Gander

The General Character
Name: Karlee Marlene Gander
Face Claim:: Amanda Seyfried
Job: Head Mistress of Hogwarts
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Wand: Veela Hair, rose, 14 inches, yealding
Blood Status: Pure

The Look
Hair: long blonde Eyes: bright blue
Unique Features: a scar on the back of her neck from playing with fireworks as a kid, and a butterfly tattoo on her lower back.
Dressing Style: Most of the time Karlee can be found in her School Uniform. But on other occasions she will be found in either a dress, as stylish skirt or possibly even skinny jeans, but she tries to look professional.
General Beauty Details:Karlee has long blonde beautiful hair, and pale skin that make her pale blue eyes appear big and bright. She is about five foot five with a slender figure. Her face is soft and she looks trustworthy. She is the picture of innocence to most, and they seem to think the 20 year old could never do anything wrong. She looks like a child still.

The Personality

Likes: Children, Animals, Flying, Reading, learning and teaching.
Dislikes:Evilness, Commitment, The Dark, Sad things, The Rain, and Being Alone.
Strengths: Potions, Teaching, Flying, Shopping, and Caring for Animals.
Weaknesses: Loss, Chocolate, Hurt Innocence, and anything cute.
Fears: Being alone, and men.
Secrets: She watched her father kill her mother and then himself.
Goals: To insure the safety of Hogwarts.
Personality Karlee wasn’t always the sweet person she seems to be now. She used to be a sad depressed girl, but now she does everything she can to insure the safety of those entrusted to her, unlike she failed to do as a child. She loves to be around children and animals though not when she is reading. Reading is her favorite pastime when she is not teaching Potions or caring for students.
This young adult of twenty has very strong commitment issues due to what she witnessed her father do to her mother when she was only four. She is afraid of men. Afraid they will be like her father. She’s been on a few dates but they never lasted.
Family & Background
Father: James Gander Dead 40
Mother: Kaliee Gander Dead 39
Siblings:one long lost twin sister, identical, named Natalie Gander.
Other Important people: Jess, and Jack Gosling, the muggles who raised her.
Pets:Nemo, Cat, 12. Possessions: a locket with a picture of her mum holding two little girls.
Karlee and Natalie Manson were born to James and Kaliee Manson on February 21st in 1992. The two girls lived with their Mother and Abusive drunk father up until the day he murdered Kaliee with one blow to the head with a vase, then killed himself out of remorse. Before then he would not only hit Kaliee with his fist but he would also hit the young girls and throw anything with in reach at them. After the girls were found by a family friend and dropped off at an orphanage where Karlee was adopted by a young couple whose names were Jess and Jack. They couple never legally changed Karlee’s name because they were never afraid to admit she was adopted. They wouldn’t hide that part of her life from her, though she wished they did sometimes.
Everyone was surprised when Karlee got the letter to Hogwarts, but they were also happy. She was special and her adoptive parents hoped she would make some friends. Karlee spent most of her life at Hogwarts alone in the library reading, hiding from the kids who made fun of her thinking she was a muggle born child when her parents really had been pureblooded, but she didn’t know that. They also made fun of her for the nightmares she had every night, when she would relive the day that changed her life forever.
Roleplay Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Gander, Karliee Marlene   Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:06 pm


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Gander, Karliee Marlene
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