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 Odette Cambry

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Odette Cambry


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PostSubject: Odette Cambry    Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:06 am

Odette Regan Cambry

The General Character
Name: Odette Regan Cambry
Face Claim:: Jennifer Lawrence
Age: 20
Job: Head of Hufflepuff and Herbology professor
Wand: Dragon heartstring, rosewood, 8 1/3 inches, bendy
Blood Status: Pure

The Look
Hair: Long, blonde, curly, and straight bangs that cut across her forehead
Eyes: Blue
Unique Features: Dimples
Dressing Style: Very girly and likes to reveal her body
General Beauty Details: Odette is a health freak. She is never sick, she always washes her hands, takes a shower everyday, brushes her teeth regularly, and wears clean clothes. She loves perfumes of any kind, but vanilla is her favorite sent. That's why she uses vanilla hand soap, shampoo and conditioner, and body wash. The toothpaste she uses is spearmint, her favorite.

The Personality

Likes: Laughing, reading, sun, coffee, honey, vanilla
Dislikes: Liars, cheaters, annoying people, rude people, being bored, stereotypes
Strengths: Organization, magic, teaching, helping others, drawing, writing
Weaknesses: Hot headed, fast temper, bipolar, ocd, potions, food (anorexic), getting to know people
Fears:Spiders and being alone
Secrets: She thinks that if she starves herself people would like her
Goals: To be healthy again
Personality Odette is a person with a very vibrant attitude. She has spunk, and she isn't afraid to show what she was born with. Though most people call her a flirt, she doesn't realize the effect she has on people. It's a curse and a gift, and Odette has embraced it and made it so it's her own thing that people remember her for.

Family & Background
Father: Peter Cambry
Mother: Anna Cambry (nee Greene)
Siblings: None
Other Important people: Herself, of course.
Pets: Drea:/White Kitten:/5 months:/Status: Alive
Possessions: A ring from her mothers side of the family, money, a studio apartment in diagon alley
History: When Odette was born, people knew she was going to be special. Since a young age, Odette had presented herself as a very confident person. That was that. Odette didn't take anyone's crap, they had to handle her. When she got the letter from Hogwarts, her parents couldn't be prouder. Being a bookworm, yet adventurous and extremely cocky, she was sorted into Hufflepuff, which shocked and confused everyone. From there she became quite popular, having a large group of friend and had many lovers, being men and women.

When Odette graduated, she knew she wanted to teach again. So, she got a job as the Head of Hufflepuff along with teaching her favorite subject, Herbology. Her mother and father wanted to see more out of their little girl, but they were happy that she was happy.
On another site that you advertised to
Other Cherries: None yet
Rp Experience: Yes, I have multiple characters on multiple sites

Role Play Sample:

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Cecilia Krum

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PostSubject: Re: Odette Cambry    Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:21 am

But when role playing here please remember that we require a minimum of 100 words per post.
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Odette Cambry
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