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 Flames of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang

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PostSubject: Flames of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang   Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:01 am

Site time is futuristic 2016, and there is a magical war breaking out between Britain and Germany, to the Muggles it seems like Terrorist Attacks, or maybe even the effects of Global Warming but to the Wizards of these countries the truth is that they are under attack from the opposing nation and they must do all they can to win this war.

Nobody knows who started this war, although it could be put down to a variety of different political snubbings of the Ministers on each side, the last competitive meeting of both schools having ended in disaster and destruction.

Both magical schools, Hogwarts and Durmstrang are preparing themselves to send fighters over, but, also to send spies over to the other land to try and gain information about other attacks and the workings of the other side... To do this each school is secretly raising a group of children specifically trained to infiltrate and gain information from the other nations, and not only this, but to root out any spies that might have already made it onto their soil from another country.

But, the creatures for so long having observed man-kind have grown tired of their war and destruction and desire to put an end to it once and for all, with achieving dominion over the humans they have so long been hiding from. Thus they gradually build their own forces to retaliate against the humans while they are divided.

Who will win this war? Will the British Rebels destroy the shakey peace between nations?
Will both countries lead to their own destruction? Will the creatures achieve their goal of defeating the wizards, and humans of this world?
Pick a side. Fight for your cause.

We are just about to start a new school year! First years are very welcome but there are also chances to begin school at older years Very Happy
We have many professor slots open in Hogwarts and Durmstrang including chances to become a Head of House Very Happy
So come join in! Work for the ministry, become a celebrity and avoid the paparazzi, or start your own magical journey as a student ^^

hogwartsvsdurmstrang. forumotion. co. uk
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Flames of Hogwarts Ice of Durmstrang
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